Whole Pig - Cut up $7.69/lb Hanging Weight
Whole Pig - left whole $6.82/lb Hanging Weight
Half Pig - cut up $8.00/lb Hanging Weight
Vacuum Pack .30 extra/lb

*Price includes all processing, wrapping and smoking

Baby Back Ribs $12.99/lb
Tenderloin-Boneless $28.50/lb
Boneless Pork Chops $16.00/lb
Boneless Loin $16.00/lb.
Breakfast Sausage $11.99/lb
Canadian Bacon $14.99/lb
Country Ribs $11.75/lb
Fat Back $2.00/lb
Ground Pork $10.30/lb
Ham Steak $13.08/lb
Hot Sausage $12.36/lb
Loin End-Bone In $14.50/lb
Pork Chops-Bone In $13.00/lb
Porter House Chops $14.25/lb
Smoked Bacon $12.99/lb
Smoked Hams-Whole-Boneless $13.40/lb.
Smoked Hams-Whole-Bone In $12.36/lb
Soup Bones $2.99/lb
Spare Ribs $10.30/lb
Sweet Sausage $12.36/lb
Shoulder Roast/Boneless $11.84/lb
Shoulder Roast/Bone In $9.78/lb
Pigs Feet $3.00/lb
Belly-Skin Off $11.84/lb
Hocks-Smoked $5.16/lb
Soup Bones $2.99/lb
Liver/Kidney $1.99/lb
Roaster Pigs 50lbs and UP 6.20/lb - 50# and under flat $375.00

» Pork Cut Sheets for ordering sides/wholes

Retail Veal Pricing: 3/24/08
Whole Veal $9.00/lb Hanging Weight
Whole Veal Cut $11.50/lb Hanging Weight
Vacuum Pack .30 extra/lb

Ground Veal $11.99/lb
Rack $28.75/lb
Breast $11.00/lb
Cubes $9.99/lb
Chops $27.00/lb
Tenderloin $36.00/lb
Flank $28.50/lb
Sirloin Steak $22.00/lb
Shank Osso Buco $9.99/lb
Short Ribs $10.25/lb
Roast $14.75/lb
Cutlets $19.50/lb
Liver $8.99/lb

» Veal Cut Sheets for ordering sides/wholes

Retail Beef Pricing: 3/24/08
Whole $6.91/lb Hanging Weight
Side $7.46/lb Hanging Weight
Quarter $8.00/lb Hanging Weight
Vacuum Pack .30 extra/lb

Side of beef cut into equal amounts of both front & hind sections nets approx. 125 lbs. of meat (4-6 cubic feet of freezer space)

Chuck Steaks or Roasts $11.49/lb
Chip Steaks $13.49/lb
Top Round Roasts $13.49/lb
Short Ribs $9.10/lb
Rib Steaks or Roasts $21.25/lb
Tenderloin $30.50/lb
Sirloin Steaks $17.89/lb
Sirloin Tip $18.89/lb
T-Bone Steaks $24.00/lb
Porterhouse Steaks $24.00/lb
London Broil $18.00/lb
Rib Eye/Delmonico $26.00/lb
NY Strip $26.00/lb
Flank Steak $25.99/lb
Rump Roast $14.69/lb
Eye Roast $16.00/lb
Ground Beef $11.34/lb
Stew Meat $9.28/lb
Hamburger Patties $12.88/lb
Brisket $9.78/lb
Shin Meat $3.50/lb
Soup Bones $2.50/lb
Tongue $8.50/lb
Liver/heart/kidney $3.50/lb
Flat Iron  $11.00/lb
Hangar Steak $13.00/lb

» Beef Cut Sheets for ordering sides/wholes

Whole Chickens $4.99/lb
Chicken Patties $11.99/lb
Chicken Sausage $14.99/lb
Hot Dogs $10.99/lb